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Online sales of season passes on routes of Tatra electric railways and Cog railways
(TEŽ a OŽ)

(Updated: 12.12.2013)

Please select the type of traveller.
Children 6 - 15 years old, citizens over 70 years and dogs are eligible for reduced fares.

Please select the validity of pass (1day, 3days, 7days or monthly).

Please enter the first day of validity of pass. Purchase of pass is possible at earliest 60 days before the first day of validity of pass and latest on the first day of validity of pass.

After completion of all data please click on Purchase button to proceed to shopping basket.
Please check all parameters of selected pass and in next step pay attention to completion of passenger´s data.

Please complete the purchase of pass by selection of payment method and completion of payment.

Pass is valid for unlimited number of journeys on routes of Tatra electric railways and Cog railways within its validity. It is not transferable and may be used only by passenger whose personal details are printed on it. Passenger is obliged to present together with pass in paper or electronic form also valid photo identification (national ID or passport, children 6 - 15 any photo ID with date of birth), which number is printed on it.

Reimbursement request of the unused pass purchased online (ITD) before starting journey due to personal reasons of passenger is possible only via online form. Refund of ITD will be after deduction of 10% cancellation fee transferred to passenger´s bank account within 30 days from submitting the request.